Posted 21 hours ago

Our love spell book is now available! Over 30 pages of original love magic. Spells, charms, oils, and more. Learn more about it at:

Posted 2 days ago

New Items on the way!

We have a bunch of new items on the way within the next few weeks. These new items include:

A Love Spell Book, Day of the Dead Skull, Cleansing Sage Bundles, Spell Box, Spell Bottles, and more!

We’ll keep you updated as they are completed!

Posted 3 days ago

The sage is coming along great, after our next harvested batch is dried we will be putting cleansing sage bundles up in our shop! 

Posted 1 week ago

Coming Soon

Soon we will have cleansing sage bundles available in our shop. Any cleansing sage bundle that you purchase from us is grown in our very own garden. Once we’ve harvested them, we hang them to dry in our very own home. From our garden and home to yours, you will love these sage bundles.

Posted 1 week ago

This Witch Supply Kit is now available in our shop! Includes taper candles, tea light candles, spell bottles, herbs, and more. Find out more at

Posted 1 week ago

New Item!

We have a new item coming to our shop today! It’s a witch supply kit. If you’re getting low on supplies, this is the perfect kit for you. Herbs, stones, candles, spell bottles, and more. Keep an eye out for it today!

Posted 1 week ago

This new spell book is now available in our shop! Twenty pages of original, handwritten spells with plenty of room to add your own spells and truly make this book your own. 

Find out more at

Posted 1 week ago

A sneak peek of our new spellbook! Hitting our shelves soon!

Posted 1 week ago

New Item Coming Soon!

There’s a new spell book in the works with original, handwritten spells in it. You can expect to see it within the next few days!

Posted 1 week ago

Herbs, pendulums, runes, spell books, and so much more. 

Silver Thread Oracle is an online witch shop dedicated to making helpful, quality tools for your practice. We offer many different items and are always open for suggestions and requests. Tarot card readings are also available, starting as low as $3.00 and going no higher than $10.00 a reading. Find out more and Find What Moves You at